Domaine du Mortier Boisard fils - SAINT NICOLAS DE BOURGUEIL

Organic farming

Organic farming

Organic wines (mention Nature and Progress )

Our area consists of 13 hectares of vineyards (Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc and grolleau) and 3 acres of woodland, is located north of the AOC St Nicolas de Bourgueil to the forest. We strive to preserve our land and that of future generations.

In the vineyards, our culture method prohibits the use of a chemical synthesis (no herbicides or insecticides or pesticides). Depending on the nature of the soil, we practice a natural grass or we work the soil surface. We use only organic products (sulfur, copper, decoction of nettles, horsetail, willow shoots ...) for natural protection of our vineyard. We promote a balanced and diverse ecosystem that allows the vines to defend themselves against pests and diseases.

As indiquatif, we make provisions guide inputs in organic farming.


Organic farming

A first step was the establishment of an agroecosystem in our vineyards, tillage (boot-heaving-hoeing), natural grass in certain parcels or seedlings under cover between rows (cereals, vegetables and flowers).

The second step was to recreate some rural biodiversity by planting hedges (6-7 different local species of shrubs: blackthorn, dogwood, privet blood-broom mop of rough charcoal europe-rose) with several objectives: breeze wind, attract maximum auxiliary nature.
We also provide a home compost made ​​from cow manure 1/3 (from a local farm: 5km), 1/3 Ramial Chipped Wood from our woods and hedges, one third of hemp shives (litter hemp straw used for horses).

Organic farming

The third step is now to follow the lunar cycles and astral to work the vineyards and wines at the right time (lunar calendar and planting calendar Maria Thun).
Similarly, we use 5 years of fresh or dried in herbal plants sprayed on the plant and thus help boost its natural defenses (horsetail / nettle / comfrey russia rich wicker salicylic acid against mildew and fungal diseases powdery mildew).
We select different vines for their different qualities harvest, disease resistance, adaptation to different soil types to collect wood for their size and thus the graft after 2 years of nursery for replanting or replacing dead vines or for new planting = mass selection.

In conclusion, a good farmer working direction for natural and authentic wines, ambassadors of our land and will delight you, we hope to.