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Organic winemaking

Organic winemaking
Organic wines (mention Nature and Progress )

In the cellar, the grapes are hand, the grapes are harvested in wooden crate. The wine does not use any "fireworks" as yeast enzyme, tannin to keep an expression of terroir in our wines.The sulfur is used sparingly following the balance of different vintages and the health status of the harvest, see not at all, if deemed possible. Wines for each entry, we show the label against the doses of sulfur used.
The maceration lasts 10 to 20 days in concrete tanks, steel or wood and breeding takes place in wooden vats or oak barrels for 6 to 18 months.

Since 2004, we take delivery of the grapes in a égrenoir with a sorting table. The grapes are then transported by a conveyor belt into the tanks, allowing an initial fermentation of the grapes in the bay that promotes fruit flavors.

As indiquatif, we offer a guide to the provisions in organic winemaking.