Domaine du Mortier Boisard fils - SAINT NICOLAS DE BOURGUEIL



available vintage 2012
  • The soil is composed of silt and sediment from the Loire 20 to 30 cm.
  • These vines, aged 10 to 30 years, giving a generally flexible, light and fruity wine with aromas of red berries with soft tannins and round.
  • A drink on the young fruit, 3 to 4 years maximum at a moderate temperature (15-16 ° C), ideal to accompany a whole meal.
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available vintage 2012
  • Vines 30 years from a piece called "The Pelouzes" including 1.7 hectares in one piece.
  • Wines obtained from this plot is often apart from other wines.
  • In his youth, we find in this wine fruit notes quite pronounced and then move to more complex notes of spices and often "animal" category.
  • This wine can be enjoyed young with red meats and cheeses but also keep 7-8 years and thus allow more delicate dishes after 2-3 years in the bottle.
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Available vintage 2011
  • Selection of old vines over 50 years of age from clay and limestone soils commonly called "tufa."
  • Maceration of 15 to 20 days or longer in wooden vats and aged for 12 months in oak barrels 5 to 10 years.
  • We want a subtle breeding by wood but little woody aromas to keep the typical decette wine.
  • The wine Dionysus often request 2-3 years in the bottle before they can fully express themselves and keep 8-10 years see.
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Des Pieds et des Mains

available vintage 2010
  • No sugaring, no yeast inoculation.
  • Whole cluster fermentation in wooden vats for 25 days without rewinding to the pump only treading under foot every night (5-10 minutes).
  • 24 months of aging in oak barrels for three wines.
  • Bottling without sulfite.
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not available
  • No sugaring, not yeasting without sulfite added.
  • Maceration of whole grains grapes in barrels 220 liters for 180 days.
  • During fermentation, one round barrels daily. Racking of the barrel in April and barrel aging for 180 days.
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